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3 Reasons to Plan a Yurt Stay in Canterbury

One of the primary reasons why people love staying in a yurt is because the circular tent offers the perfect blend of thrill and excitement. If you are one of those travellers looking for unique vacation experiences in Canterbury, you should definitely try the yurt lodging stay. Though you can stay in a hotel or other accommodation, your travel experience will be very predictable. The better alternative is to plan a yurt stay.

Travellers feel that the upcoming years to be the new era of travel and they have started looking for a profound vacation experience. If you love tent camping, you will definitely love staying in a yurt. Before you start planning your unique vacation, checkout the various benefits of staying in a yurt.

Little Yurt Treat

Few Benefits Of Staying in a Yurt in Canterbury

1. Amazing Surroundings
If you love nature, book a room in Little Yurt Retreat and you will be mesmerised by its beautiful surroundings. Yurts are widely preferred for offering a unique lodging stay as the structured tent and round wood frame can make any location look more beautiful. A majority of the yurt lodgings are very cool and unique. They are ideal for travellers willing to enjoy outdoors. Book one for your next camping trip and you can feel the comfort of your home even during a trip.

2. Don’t Have To Set Up A Camp Site
If the accommodation you are planning to book in Canterbury does not have camping facility, book a yurt stay and you don’t even have to worry about setting up a campsite. You will feel relaxed the moment you check-in. You can either enjoy yourself or get down to the business immediately. If you are planning to travel with your kids, choose a rainy weekend for camping and your kids will definitely love it. You don’t have to set-up anything when staying in a yurt.

3. Affordable
Travellers nowadays prefer yurt stay in Canterbury as it is a very budget-friendly lodging option. You can include a lot of activities during your trip without worrying about their cost. Though you can’t expect the best amenities as offered in a hotel, you can spend some quality time amidst a wooded setting in nature. Since your stay in Canterbury will become affordable, you can plan your trips more frequently.

These being said, you are now aware of all the benefits offered by a yurt stay.

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